Team Alton Sidecar Racing at Anglesey

ALMCC member Mick Alton, Team Alton Sidecar Racing, is currently in the UK and sent this through from the weekend at Anglesey (Wales).

Photo by Lambosport

Back from a really great weekend at Anglesey. Another new circuit for me to learn.

We should have gone there earlier in the year with the FSRA F2 Championship but Covid came along!

We had a 10 minute practice, where I followed Bruce Moore and Amy Dodd, it was Amy’s first time there as well, so Bruce was taking it reasonably slowly.

It’s called their Phillip Island, but the only similarity is the sea side location, a very fast circuit and the changeable weather (or is that the UK?)

It has a very fast banked hairpin, a long banana back straight (reminds me of Mallala), a ridiculously tight blind left handed after hitting 120 mph on the straight, then a downhill corkscrew. I liked it, it’s a circuit you can race, though not many overtaking points.

The racing was great, some talented teams where there.

The results have been published on my Team Alton Facebook page. However they don’t indicate how close the racing was, one slight little error and they will jump, and need to see these opportunities as well. Hence some repairs to the fairing and mudguard needed, nothing malicious just hard racing

The camaraderie within the sidecar crews here is very similar to Australia, and think it is worldwide.

One thing is everyone camps in the paddock at no extra charge and we can stay the Sunday night as well, this helps immensely. Why can’t this happen at home?

Now off to Cadwell Park for the Sidecar Revival, again never ridden this circuit either. This the circuit that triggered this whole trip, after visiting it 2019 after the TT I said I’ve got to have a go it!

That it for now as I have preparation work to do for this weekend.

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