Attn: Pre 1963 era sidecars and bikes

This message is for you if you own a valuable motorbike or sidecar from the pre 1963 era.

Events that cater for these fabulous machines are now almost non-existent.

We need your support! You need our support!

If events for these machines are no longer held the value of the bikes will fall not increase!

We are having a track play day at Pheasant Wood on Saturday the 29th of January, why not come and see what it is all about?

Pheasant Wood Circuit is at 8 Prairie Oak Road, Marulan, NSW 2579, Australia

You will see old friends with motor bikes, sidecars, and historic race cars: bring yours.

Minimum requirements for on track riding are leather jacket and riding pants, gloves, boots and a 1698 helmet.

$150 will give you insurance, licence, and electronic timing. Free entry for Spectators.

Track day starts at 8.00am with a Track Walk.

Bikes and sidecars will go on track with similar machines.

Pheasant Wood Circuit website

Pheasant Wood Circuit Facebook

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