Motorcycling NSW Introduces Five New Elected Board Members

The recent MNSW Board elections have now concluded and we are excited to announce to all our members the 5 successful elected directors Madeleine Bowditch, David Cooke, Annaliesse Cawood, Chelsea Cheney and Darren Gossling.
This was the very first time the MA Nominations Committee was used during the election process (as voted by the club delegates and life members at the August 2021 delegates meeting). The committees role was to assess all candidates and provide their recommendation based on a set of criteria. The recommended candidates were of a very high professional standard, addressing the advertised selection criteria and more.
We received 61 returned ballots and the successful appointments were announced at the December Delegates meeting last Thursday 16th December.
“I’d like to thank every applicant who took the time to apply for one of the MNSW Board director positions – we were taken aback by the sheer number of registrations and the high professional standard of these applicants. I hope you can join me in wishing the new directors the best of luck and follow MNSW’s next chapter as we move into an action-packed 2022.” Kate Peck said.
We hope you join us in welcoming Madeliene, David, Chelsea, Annaliesse and Darren to the MNSW board – see you all around the tracks soon!

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